Fellowship program

Fellowship program

The Gruppo Otologico hosts four Fellowships each year, recognized by the Italian Neurotologic Association (AINOT) and the European Academy of Otology & Neurotology (EAONO) and promoted by the Mario Sanna Foundation.

The duration of the Fellowship lasts usually 6 months to 1 year. Given the large number of aspirants it is preferable to receiving your inquiry with 1 or 2 years in advance.

The training on talented trainees, audiologist and medical doctors will be carried on by the Gruppo Otologico. Since decades the GO has been hosting young and not so young medical talents for fellowship programs of one to two years. The trainees join the GO staff and connect directly to the senior staff, who is every day at their disposal. Usually the working days (and studying nights!) are organized as follows. Early in the morning will be a seminar discussion on the topics of the operating day. Then follows the operating session, that goes on up to late afternoon. Paper study and dissemination goes on until the end of the working day.

The fellows will also contribute to scientific research and – as agreed with their tutors – can skip the operating session to concentrate on their papers. The latter are for the GO of critical importance: the dissemination on the operation and scientific research are published regularly, and the GO members papers are always on the most important magazines and textbooks.

Furthermore the fellows will participate to the courses of the GO. Since 1985, GO has been organizing middle ear and skull base surgery dissection courses. In the last couple of decades these courses have been the most sought after courses in Europe. The fellows will be asked to produce a final research in form of a scientific paper that will include results and statistics, useful for both the Foundation and the sponsors.



The vacant places are open to all qualified doctors and/or specialists in ENT with a degree in Italian and/or foreign universities.

The mandatory Requirements are:

  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken english
  • Degree/specialization in ENT



Applications for participation in the selection, drafted with clear layout, should be directed to the Gruppo Otologico with paper or electronic mail.

The application form must contain Curriculum Vitae with addresses and contacts of candidate, qualifications, publications and scientific activities, courses, seminars, workshops, certificates of foreign languages, in PDF format.

The requests to participate must be sent in a single mail or email to the Gruppo Otologico administration.

The exclusion of a candidate if not eligible is final.

A Recommendation letter from the candidate’s medical institution is appreciated.


Criteria for selection of candidates

Applicants eligible to participate in the selection, will be judged based on their science curriculum, matching the studies to the scientific goals of the Gruppo Otologico and an examination, if foreseen, the following criteria:


Weight %



Curriculum + Reccommendation letters



0 to 10

Please send as much information as possible regarding your ENT training. Avoid other non-essential informations

Correspondence to GO scientific targets


0 to 10

Please read carefully what we do in our web-site: you will know if your interests are in line with ours

Exam (on line form)


0 to 10

Exam will be an on-line form with multiple choice q&a

Interview (on line via skype or similar)


0 to 10

The interview will be on-line with one or more GO members. The candidate will discuss about himself and ENT topics with the GO and will show his skills and motivation


The candidate's rating is a weighted average of the percentage and voting. The maximum score will be 10. Here is an example:



















Tot score (weighted average)







Examination Committee

The examining committee is chosen among the Gruppo Otologico members. The commission is expressed solely by the numerical vote according to the above criteria and shall draw up the final list. The winners are the first in the ranking with a score numerically higher.


Communication of results

The results will be announced via e-mail. If the candidate wants to know his/her vote, it may require administration via paper or electronic mail. In case of renunciation of the winner, a decision to grant the scholarship to the next candidate on the list.


Collaborative relationship

The Fellowship is awarded through a private contract by the Group Otologico the candidate identified as the winner by the Commission. The contract does not constitute in any way an employment relationship and does not give rise to rights of access in any business, organization or foundation.


Obligations and duties of the fellow

The holder of the Fellowship carries out its activities at the Department of Otology "”Gruppo Otologico” in Piacenza – Italy, with headquarters in Via Morigi 41, 29121, in the manner determined by the Otologico Group. The fellow will utilize the facilities, equipment and services available in the health facility.

All data, information, databases, educational and scientific material of which the observer will own during his stay, to be considered confidential.

The Fellowship holder is obliged to behave properly and decently. Any improper behavior can lead to expulsion.